IEEE REACH Program is Seeking Volunteers

Leading technology visionaries are hosting popular panel discussions on the social impact of technology within their respective professions.  Similarly, the IEEE’s History Center is leading the way by bringing the same type of inquiry into secondary education classrooms with the IEEE REACH Program.  IEEE REACH focuses on the social impact of technology through the lens of History and provides teachers with cutting-edge lesson plans designed in an inquiry format that engage students to think like an engineer.  To learn more about the program go to, or check out this video, “To Engineer is Human

The IEEE History Center is seeking volunteers to present the IEEE REACH program to their IEEE Sections and to their local school districts and other local organizations interested in education. Kelly McKenna, the REACH Program Manager can provide a PowerPoint and further details to any interested volunteer.  In addition, an in-person presentation by a History Center staff member could be arranged should an organizational unit provide an invitation to do so.  Please contact Kelly McKenna directly with any questions, and with any interest in volunteering.  Kelly may be reached at