Updated Process for Ordering Membership Development (MD) Materials

Effective 30 July, Membership Development chairs (or the Section Chair if no one is in that position) will have updated access to order membership development materials. In the case of a student branch, the Branch Chair or Branch Counselor will have access. Eligible officers have already received their sign in credentials to place an order. Please coordinate with these leaders for MD materials. No exceptions will be made.


Through the Marcore portal, orders can be customized with print materials, promotional materials, and downloadable files. The following rules still apply:

·        Only one order can be placed per 30 days.

·        There is a maximum of 75 promotional items per order.

·        Any previous sign in credentials for the Marcore portal have been reset and will no longer work.

·        If sign in credentials are incorrectly shared, it is your responsibility to change the password.

·        If you leave your current volunteer role, please share this information with the incoming officer.

·        IEEE will not make exceptions if sign in credentials are used incorrectly.

·        No orders will be accepted via email and must be processed through the Marcore portal.

IEEE makes available various IEEE membership development materials to support outreaches for recruiting new members, retaining those whose membership has lapsed, and recovering former members. Materials include membership and student recruitment brochures, information sheets, the MD Manual, promotional posters and giveaways.

How long do orders take to arrive?

International orders require 4 weeks lead time. Domestic (U.S. and Canada) require 2 weeks lead time.

You can also access more information about Membership Development materials on the MGA volunteer website: