IEEE Member & Geographic Activities Board (MGA)

MGA Board Photo Resized

Third row, left to right: G. Vaughn, R. Jensen, M. Polavarapu, K. Moore

Second row, left to right: F. Dinca, E. Barney Smith, R. Shapiro, M. Luiken, D. Yeung, G. Barbosa, T. Ramos

First row, left to right: M. Salazar Palma, R. Kappagantu, A, Nishihara, D. Koehler, B. Beheshti, F. Grosz, M. Bastiaans, K, Chun, D. Cooper, C. Jankowski

Not pictured, W. Bettermann


 2019 MGA Board members

  • Francis Grosz- Vice President, MGA / MGA Board Chair
  • Kukjin Chun - Chair-Elect
  • Martin Bastiaans - Past Chair
  • Deborah Cooper - Treasurer
  • Cecelia Jankowski - Secretary
  • Babak Beheshti - Region 1 Director
  • Wolfram Bettermann - Region 2 Director
  • Gregg Vaughn - Region 3 Director
  • David Koehler - Region 4 Director
  • Robert Shapiro - Region 5 Director
  • Keith Moore - Region 6 Director
  • Maike Luiken - Region 7 Director
  • Magdalena Salazar Palma - Region 8 Director
  • Teofilo Ramos - Region 9 Director
  • Akinori Nishihara- Region 10 Director
  • Ron Jensen - Vice Chair, Geographic Unit Operations
  • Gerardo Barbosa - Vice Chair, Information Management
  • Murty Polavarapu - Vice Chair, Member Development
  • Mary Ellen Randall - Vice Chair, Strategic Planning
  • Daniel Yeung - Member-at-Large
  • Ramakrishna Kappagantu - Member-at-Large

MGA Board meeting dates, agendas, and minutes

Access to some agendas is limited to IEEE volunteers and staff (IEEE Account login and password required). Access to the Minutes document below is public.

Visit the Calendar page to find MGA Board meeting dates and agendas

View MGA/RAB Board meeting minutes prior to 2018 (PDF, 6MB)

Submitting agenda items

Please use the following templates 

Email agenda submissions to the MGA Board Administrator at

 The 2019 MGA Board meeting dates:

  • Saturday, 16 February
    Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina, Tampa, FL, USA
    Agenda item deadline: 25 January 2019
  • Saturday, 22 June
    Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, USA
    Agenda item deadline: 10 May 2019
  • Saturday, 23 November
    The Westin Boston Waterfront, Boston, MA, USA
    Agenda item deadline: 4 October 2019

*Revisions to the MGA Operations Manual need to be reviewed by the IEEE Governance Committee
 and should be submitted in accordance with the IEEE Governance Document agenda submission schedule.
MGA Travel Reimbursements