MGA Leadership Award

This award is to recognize those individuals who have exhibited exemplary and substantive leadership of an extraordinary nature in implementing activities that support the goals of Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) at the local, regional, national, and/or international level.
The accomplishments of the candidate should be of "significant performance" and should have made a distinguishing contribution to IEEE. The focus should be on volunteering for IEEE, MGA, or its organizational units, not on professional achievement.

Examples of previous MGA Award recipient contributions

A few examples of the contributions for which past MGA Leadership Award recipients have been recognized include:
  • For innovative, influential leadership, encouraging member engagement and development; after many years as a student and general member, become an IEEE volunteer at the Section level, soon after started volunteering at the Region level; has innovative, influential leadership; a motivator who deals with people on a very personal level; has worked in all Session executive positions over the last five years; through a process of social influence, has enlisted the aid and support of other chairs; creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen in each area within the Section; ability to successfully integrate and maximize the available resources within the internal and external environment for the attainment of organizational and societal goals.
  • For inspiring leadership and contributions to IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE); inspirational leader to her students as well as WIE members; established the first Student Branch WIE group in her area; founded the Section WIE group; proposed and organized the first Region WIE Congress; served as Region WIE coordinator; first to introduce humanitarian projects under WIE; trains students to find need based solutions to improve quality of life; ability to inspire students to work toward the betterment of humanity; a true leader and inspiring speaker; ability to lead unconventional projects and make them succeed.
  • For distinguished leadership and outstanding contributions at the Section and Region levels; started his volunteer career as joint Chapter Chair; served as Section Chair and then Council Chair; Society Board of Governors; has used every opportunity to popularize IEEE in the area both by arranging technical activities for students, academia, and industry; initiated two major conferences; instrumental in opening the new Students Branches; has collaborated programs with government to popularize IEEE; his innovative efforts have led to an increase in overall membership growth.
  • For significant contributions in empowering IEEE member involvement and development in the Section and Region; 30-year volunteer involvement in member and geographic organizational units; mentored a large number of IEEE volunteers; initiated formation of his Section and served as Chair; helped initiate several new IEEE Sections at the Region level; shares best practices on how to recruit and grow, retain and engage members at every career level; endless activity in guiding and engaging all Membership Development officers across the Region; has had huge impact on membership growth, both at the Region and Section levels.
  • Volunteering involvement for over a decade at the local, national, and international levels, including with Chapters, Sections, Region, MGA, and national and international conferences; brought in new members to the Section; trained and mentored volunteers to take on Section leadership positions; great efforts to seek ideas from volunteers and members and engage them in decision making; instrumental in being the interface between the Section, Region, and MGA.


  •     Must be an IEEE member in good standing
  •     Cannot be a member of the MGA Board or MGA Awards and Recognition Committee
  •     Must not be a past recipient of the MGA Leadership Award
  •     Nomination must be endorsed by two IEEE members

Selection and Award Instrument

  • Up to three (3) MGA Leadership Awards will be presented annually
  • Recipients will be selected by the MGA Awards and Recognition Committee and approved by the MGA Board at the November MGA Board Meeting
  • Nominators and recipients will be notified after the MGA Board Meeting
  • Recipients will receive a plaque suitably inscribed, attesting to the accomplishment(s) made by the individual, and a US$500 cash prize

More Information

Please email MGA Awards at if you have questions about the MGA Leadership Award or the MGA Awards Process.